Hefty bill for untidy gardens

The cost of not maintaining your garden and greenhouse could be several thousand pounds, according to new research.

Horticulture Week recently published a study by QVC which found that almost one in every two (45 per cent) respondents would expect to pay at least £5,000 less for a property with a messy yard.

Richard Jackson – a gardening presenter with QVC – suggested that there should be no excuses for not looking after your green space.

He added that this is especially true for those planning to sell their home as the garden is often the first impression that potential buyers have of the property during a viewing.

"Simple and inexpensive maintenance and weeding plus the addition of a few colourful plants and flowers make all the difference and could save you thousands of pounds," Mr Jackson explained.

However, the poll discovered that a large proportion (41 per cent) do not do any gardening at all, while 71 per cent admitted to never weeding.

It is not just sellers that have to worry either; rental tenants expect at least £600 per year to be knocked off their payments for a property with untidy grounds.

Meanwhile, Brits may be encouraged to clean up their green spaces if their town or city is in contention for the Royal Horticultural Societys Britain in Bloom, which will be judged over summer.