Have pupils got the bottle for eco-garden?

School kids in England have been competing for the title of top recycler after being challenged to see which school can recycle the most plastic bottles.

Essexs Go Green 4 Schools Campaign is running the competition, which looks to see which school has the most recycled bottles per student.

The prize is a fantastic £3,000 eco-garden and a solar powered weather station for the winners and another solar powered weather station for the runners up.

Basildon Council cabinet member for the environment Terri Sargent said it was a great prize and a great opportunity for the pupils.

"This is a brilliant chance for schools to win a prize which will produce a lot of fun as well as encouraging youngsters to learn more about the world around them," she said.

"All those taking part will get a lot out of the competition and perhaps pick up new ideas on how to go green and set up special projects for their own schools."

The eco-garden will be designed by a professional horticulturalist and will be adapted to the environment of the winning school.