Hardwood flooring now possible in conservatories

Technology has influenced the conservatory revolution no end, with developments allowing more extravagant and ingenious designs.

From the glass to the cladding to temperature control units and electronically controlled blinds, technology has made a huge difference in what can now be done with a conservatory.

Even advancements in flooring have meant that hardwood flooring can now be used in the conservatory without fear of it warping with the changing temperature.

"For many conservatory owners nothing quite matches the look and feel of a timber floor," says conservatoriesonline.com.

"However until relatively recently timber floors were not considered a viable option for conservatories, simply because of the potential heat build up in the conservatory, which could lead to the timber twisting and warping."

Now a new product called Engineered Hardwood Flooring is available to combat the problem.

The product comes with up to 25 years manufacturer guarantee and can even be used with under floor heating.