Hand-pull weeds in asparagus, expert says

Outside of the greenhouse, keen gardeners may have strawberry and asparagus beds. But the best way to get rid of weeds here is hand-pulling, an expert says.

Richard Nunally is a Richmond Times-Dispatch columnist and, in his answer to a question from a reader, states he does not really like using herbicides around food crops.

Instead, hand-pulling and mulch is the most useful way to rid these beds of weeds, he advises.

Asparagus can be tricky because the ferns need to be left until winter, but strawberries should be cut down to around two inches after bearing.

Following this, fertilize and add straw mulch, Mr Nunally recommends.

"This is a great way to manage the weeds and to rejuvenate a strawberry bed," he adds.

Meanwhile, earlier this week saw a Texas garden and greenhouse grower tell readers of the Tyler Morning Telegraph to start considering how they will combat the heat in August.