Hairdryers essential garden tools

While some fashion-conscious people would not step out of the house without having spent some time beneath a hairdryer, it may well be the case for some flowers, too.

The online pages of the Guardian note that horticultural guru Anne Williams included a pair of the items in her gardening toolkit at this years Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show.

It is noted that flowers require heat to ensure that they open into full bloom and that Ms Williams, eager to make sure her gardens layout looked its best, used artificial warmth to coax her plants into bloom.

Other slightly unusual horticultural implements include vacuum cleaners, which are used by many gardeners to remove unwanted dust, dirt and other debris before judges and critics cast their eyes over the exhibits.

Unusual implements are not the only curious facets of the show, with one entry in this years event taking the form of an entirely underwater garden.