Guernsey Greenhouses Destroyed

The people of Guernsey are counting the cost after recent extreme weather destroyed hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of greenhouses.

Wind and snow has battered Britain over the past couple of weeks, with the Channel Islands bearing the brunt of some of the fiercest storms.

Many people are facing difficult choices as the costs begin to mount up. Simon Cowley, one of Guernsey’s premier potato growers has expressed concern;

“You just think what’s going to happen to the rest of the greenhouses? The greenhouses have to pay for themselves and while they’re lying on the floor in pieces they are not paying for themselves.”

Many of the affected greenhouses were older in type. Greenhouses made post 1990 are much more robust than their earlier counterparts. Older greenhouses tend to have taller roofs accumulate snow in their gutters and tend to topple over.

Residents have expressed a determination to rebuild, but will be counting the cost for many years to come.

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