Growing your own, Mediterranean style

With the changing economic climate, a growing number of people are turning to their gardens and greenhouses to feed themselves and their families.

But the economic climate is not the only thing thats changing.

Global warming is also changing Britains weather, and our ability to grow certain kinds of plants.

With the help of a greenhouse, gardeners can grow Mediterranean style foods such as melons, chillies and aubergines as well as herbs such as coriander.

Colettes Restaurant at The Grove head chef Chris Warwick is championing the cause of growing your own food.

"Growing your own vegetables is an extremely fun, rewarding and money-saving pastime," he said.

"People growing their own vegetables need to think about how warmer temperatures will affect their crops of the future.

"We will probably find people growing and cooking more Mediterranean foods such as peppers, tomatoes, chillies and even melons!"

Only recently, Cancer Research UK released findings suggesting a Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of contracting cancer.