Growing Successfully in My Greenhouse – What should I do?

Choosing a Gabriel Ash greenhouse is an exciting prelude to a great gardening hobby or business. However, pain free gardening still requires a lot of work and planning on your part. The rewards are breathtaking once you start harvesting fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables from your Gabriel Ash greenhouse.

However, as with any successful hobby there are many things that you have to consider in order to achieve success.

What will you grow?

You need to decide on the plants that you will grow in your greenhouse. It is good to know that you can plant almost anything but your choice will be dictated by a few careful considerations.

The available space will not only determine what you grow but how much to grow. For growing success in your greenhouse, you will need to give your plants adequate spacing. Plants that compete for space and lighting will not grow well and will result in disappointment.

Be realistic on the types of plants and the amount of space you will require each and every season. You can always increase the size of the greenhouse if you wish to have more plants.

Other than the space, the beginner gardener should reduce the types of plants they grow in the beginning. This will only lead to more experience with each plant type. Moderation is a virtue in gardening and will lead to a successful greenhouse. It is also a good idea to go for hardy plants in the beginning – you are learning after all!

How will you Produce your Plants

There are very many methods to choose from on how to best grow your plants. Different plants call for different production methods. Technology has not made it any easier for the gardener to choose an appropriate method. However, your initial success in a greenhouse will greatly depend on your choice of a simple and understandable production method.

Study all that you can on various plant production methods and choose no more than 3 that can complement each other in your initial greenhouse. Different systems accommodate different type plants allowing for variety in your greenhouse. Choose a system that you enjoy and you will enjoy success in your garden.

Plant Food

Your plants will need water, light and nutrients in order to do well. Ensure you have adequate amounts of all three. It does not matter what type or how you feed your crops but you must be consistent and on time. Plants in a greenhouse are heavily reliant on the gardener and there is nothing worse than plants dying due to lack of proper nutrition.
Whether you are using organic farming or use pesticides and fertiliser, plant nutrition will make or break your garden.
Disease and Pest Control

Strict disease and pest control measures must be taken to safeguard your greenhouse from growing destruction. The greenhouse must always be clean. The moment you notice any disease, the affected plants must be destroyed. Pest control will be a regular exercise in the successful greenhouse. Being methodical and gaining knowledge along the way will lead you to a successful garden. Gabriel Ash greenhouses will start you off in the right direction but hands on experience will take you even further towards a successful garden greenhouse.

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