Growing in Containers

A beautiful garden gives peace of mind as well as increasing your property value. Growing vegetables also ensures that you enjoy fresh, succulent vegetables all year round. One has a choice of growing fresh vegetables and herbs in a garden or in containers in a greenhouse.

A Gabriel Ash greenhouse give you many reasons to grow your vegetables in containers:

  • Growing your beautiful flowers, vegetables or herbs in containers brings them closer to the view. In a garden landscape, they may be too small to be noticed.
  • Containers are easily transported and can be arranged in any design that the gardener wishes.
  • Some plants like herbs need good drainage and may rot in an overly wet garden.

Any container can be used for growing herbs as long it allows for a drainage hole. Window boxes, strawberry jars and hanging baskets can all be used as a good greenhouse container. Clay pots being porous are generally preferred containers and we have a variety of quality pots for you to select from (insert link to pots).

Other than the greenhouse growing container, soil choice is of particular consideration. Clay soil does not do well in a container. You should use soil that is loose and well drained. A recommended mix for container-grown plants can be equal parts of potting soil, peat moss and perlite. There are special mixes sold in any garden shops that are suitable for greenhouse containers.

Not all plants will do well in a container. Small and slow growing herbs and vegetables look and grow best in containers. Parsley, rose bushes, oregano and chives do very well in containers. Depending on the size of a greenhouse container, you can also use it as a seedbed for other plants.

Plants growing in containers dry out faster than those grown in the ground. Depending on the individual plant, when the top of the soil feels dry, apply enough water to allow a small amount to leak through the drainage holes.

This together with good fertiliser will allow for a beautiful greenhouse when the plants are mature.

Have a look at our extensive range of greenhouse containers to allow your plants to prosper in your Gabriel Ash greenhouse.

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