Growing in a Greenhouse vs Growing Indoors

It's spring time again, the nights are lighter and warmer and you begin to turn your attentions to the garden. You may have already started your seedlings but where to put them is the next important consideration. Many people often want to sit their seedlings in the windows of their home. Some like to keep their potted plants inside rather than outside. This article will cover the dos and don'ts to gardening.

Here at Gabriel Ash we have launched an online sale just in time for spring and summer. If you've always grown your vegetables inside, you may be missing the many benefits of owning a greenhouse. Most of the time when you grow indoors your seedlings suffer from a lack of light. Your home may face east all day and you may have westerly windows in which to place your pots in the afternoon, but there is still something missing! Inside, your seedlings are not getting pollinated correctly, the fruit that is human pollinated may be small in size and you will most likely only get one or two vegetables in a crop. You should consider your time too; do you want to spend all day moving from window to window? No! Your time is for you, and you need to let go of growing plants inside that are meant to be outside!

You don't have to buy a full-fledged greenhouse to begin with – opt for a couple of cold frames to grow your herbs and vegetables. A cold frame fits into the soil, where you have space. You can plant anything you like inside them. Using the same type of mulch you would use in your other plants is a good idea. Promote healthy growth within these boxes by lifting the lid with the handy handle. The cold frame is also used to store plants over winter; the ones you love to see bloom but can't afford to loose them. These would be delicate flowers like columbine and azaleas.

However you choose to garden, remember running in the house to water your plants on a hot summer's day is the last thing you want to do. Invest in a Gabriel Ash cold frame system today – we sell three different types of cold frames and they work well in the garden patch or on the patio! If however you budget will stretch to a larger growing space, have a look at our wooden greenhouses range today.

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