Growing food is rewarding

Responding to recent research showing the popularity of allotments, a gardening expert has suggested growing vegetables can be very rewarding.

A study from insurance provider LV= recently found there has been a resurgence in demand for plots to grow food.

It noted there are currently at least 83,000 people on a waiting list, with applicants typically not expected to get their opening until around 2012.

However, some areas have estimated delays of up to 40 years, thanks to the levels of demand.

Soil Association spokeswoman Clio Turton explained growing your own fruit and veg can be a good way of saving money.

"Its a cheap, fun pastime that also means you get nice food at the end of it," she said.

Ms Turton added the combination of the hobby and a "great harvest" make it a worthwhile and entertaining activity.

With the LV= research showing the country has around six million people wanting access to 200,000 allotment plots, some may consider investing in a greenhouse to help them cultivate their food.