Growing blueberries in March

Greenhouse users have been offered a number of tips on the best approach to growing blueberries.

The Royal Horticultural Society states the fruit requires shelter in a well-drained soil that is both moisture-retentive and acidic. It adds that this should be weeded beforehand and treated with composted bark and sawdust.

It is noted on the organisations website that highbush cultivars should be spaced with one metre on all sides and half-highs with 50 cm.

"Make sure you have room for at least three blueberry plants, as they fruit much better with two cross-pollinating partners," the article advises.

Compost should be kept "moist but not waterlogged" and rainwater is recommended as the more preferable option to tap water.

In terms of picking and pruning, the former should be done only when the fruit is entirely blue in colour except for a white surface bloom and the latter should be done during the dormant season of November through March.

The site also offers advice on growing vegetables including beetroot, which it claims is "easy to station sow," but "tricky to germinate".