Growing at home trial and error

The more people practice at growing their own produce the better they will get, according to the Soil Association.

Clio Turton, senior press officer at the organisation, explains that the internet and library books can also provide sources of information for gardeners eager to cultivate their own produce.

"Its all just trial and error really – such as how much water and sunlight things need," she said.

Ms Turton championed the implementation of organic growing strategies, explaining that cultivating crops in such a way is likely to result in lots of helpful bugs and insects being attracted to the green space.

"You are more likely to have a lot of insects and bugs to help you along your way, which are really important.

"Bees are so important for pollination. Gardening organically will ensure you have lots of insects which will help you have pollinating plants," she concluded.

The Soil Association was founded in 1946 by a group of scientists, nutritionists and farmers.