Growing Asparagus Plants

Asparagus is a spring vegetable that will thrive in winter in your Gabriel Ash greenhouse. It requires rich, crumby soils and since it grows well in regions with cold winters that can freeze the ground at least a few inches, cold greenhouses are best for it.

Asparagus can produce an abundant harvest in your greenhouse for many years. Before planting, choose only vigorous 1-year-old roots, which have not dried out. Since the roots burrow deep for water, give the growth medium a good spading before planting.

It is essential that in your greenhouse you keep any plants free of any weeds and grass. This will lead to greater production in your asparagus garden. There should be no harvesting in the first year of planting asparagus. In the second year, the harvesting period should not last more than 2 weeks. The next year, the crop may be harvested for 4 weeks after which a normal harvesting pattern can be adopted.

A clean asparagus growing bed is essential for success. Remove any dead asparagus tops after any frost and burn them with any diseased or pest ridden plants. Mulching after the ground has frozen every year will increase the size of asparagus tips and their length. This is because the tips will have to penetrate the mulch to reach the light.

Asparagus growing is a long-term venture. However, the rewards can last many years especially if temperature control is monitored in your greenhouse. The biggest cost will be cooling the greenhouse if temperatures are not cool enough or if planted in another season. Making sure that any mulch that is used is disease free, It is also important not to lose any plants due to disease and pests.

You can also grow asparagus with other crops in order to use all the available space in your greenhouse. Practice makes perfect and you need to improve your skills constantly to become a good asparagus gardener.

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