Growing a variety of plants with your Gabriel Ash greenhouse

Gabriel Ash offers a wide range of stunning greenhouses that are perfect for those who love gardening. By adding one of these spectacular greenhouses to your garden, you have the freedom of growing a variety of plants all year round. With Gabriel Ash’s greenhouses, the possibilities are endless. You can enjoy the benefits of growing a wide range of fantastic plants, from top quality fruit and vegetables to a collection of interesting and beautiful exotic plants.

One of the main advantages of adding a greenhouse to your garden is that you have the opportunity to grow your own fresh fruit and vegetables, which can often end up tasting much better than the supermarket variety. Tomatoes, peppers, melons, aubergines, herbs and cucumbers are just a few of the fruit and vegetables that are suitable for greenhouse growing. Tomatoes are a great choice for beginners and are easy to care for. All they require is a change of soil every couple of years to prevent disease and some tomato food. They can also been grown in growbags, which are mini-greenhouses.

A greenhouse is also a great addition for those who love exotic or desert type plants. Cacti are a good greenhouse plant and can be successfully grown with plenty of heat and light. They require little water and are a good choice of plant for cedar greenhouses, which provide plenty of heat.

If you are interested in growing plants such as marigolds, geraniums and other similar plants, then adding a greenhouse to your garden is a great idea, as it will protect these types of plants from frost and other severe weather conditions. They can be stored within your greenhouse until the weather is warm enough for them to be moved back outside.

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