Growers urged to start simple with first crop

Gardeners with a New Years resolution to grow more vegetables have been urged to start simple with their first crop.

Growing broad beans or tomatoes from a grow bag in greenhouses is a great way for first-timers to kick off their vegetable gardening in 2009, reports Cambridge News.

Secretary of the Trumpington Allotments Society, Dave Fox, explained in an interview with the newspaper that growing fresh vegetables can also save money.

He said: "Broad beans are a good choice.

"Plant them in February or March and theyre pretty much a guaranteed crop come June. If youve got a sunny spot, try tomatoes."

Gert van Strallen Kaaij, managing director of one of the companies at the Thanet Earth greenhouse project in the UK, told This Is Kent that the early stages of growing are crucial.

"At this early stage tomato plants grow by more than 30cm every week," he said.