Growers to take part in hedgerow study

As it seeks to map out the biodiversity of the UK, the Open Air Laboratories Project (OALP) is looking for garden and greenhouse enthusiasts to help it conduct a survey of the nation’s hedgerows.

Gardeners will be asked to choose a three-metre stretch of hedge and check it out for signs of biodiversity.

This includes recording its appearance, as well as how many flowers, fruits and nuts are visible.

Information on animal and insect life is also being sought, including whether the hedgerow is hiding any holes or burrows.

The experts are particularly keen to see what is going on in hedges in urban environments, such as city gardens, parks and open spaces.

This is because they have a fair amount of knowledge about rural hedgerows, but lack information on those in built-up areas.

"They might be even more important in urban areas where natural habitats are more scarce," OALP Biodiversity Observatory head Jonathan Silvertown explained.

Meanwhile, hedgerows in six UK parks could be protected after the Parks for People programme agreed to share £10 million in funding between them, the RHS reported.