Growers reminded to ditch sodium chlorate

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts have been reminded that the deadline for getting rid of a powerful chemical is fast approaching.

Sodium chlorate has been banned by the Pesticides Safety Directorate and growers have a little over a month to dispose of the substance, according to Horticulture Week.

Horticulture fans have until May 10th to ditch the chemical used to clear ground and kill tree stumps, and one company believes this could be a boost for garden centres around the UK.

Bayer Garden product manager Alison Mulvaney explained that retailers could capitalise on the opportunity by ensuring that staff have the knowledge to suggest alternatives.

She told the news provider that it expects strong sales of its range of advanced weedkillers, such as Long Lasting Ground Clear, Tree Stump Killer and Super Strength Glyphosate.

Ms Mulvaney added that garden centres should do all they can to remind customers about the deadline and encourage them to invest in alternative solutions.

In other news, UK garden experts have created a "seed cathedral", which will be shown at the forthcoming Shanghai Expo.