Grow your own Wimbledon snack

With Wimbledon in full flow its strawberries and cream time again and none will taste sweeter than the strawberries grown by your own hand.

With that in mind its not too late to plant your own, although with the hit or miss weather this summer, it may be better using a greenhouse to do so.

Growing your own strawberries takes hardly any room and is fairly easy to do.

To get strawberries this year, it is best to buy the plants and bed them in by placing them around 13-14 inches apart in soil with manure.

If planting a few rows, then try leaving at least a foot between each row to give the plants room to grow.

Make sure the crown is at soil level and water the plants well.

Slugs are prevalent this year so be sure to take precautions against them as strawberry plants look just as tasty to slugs as they do to humans.

Finally, if planting outside rather than under glass, it may be worthwhile putting a net over the plants to stop larger animals like birds plundering your harvest.

Once planted, make sure you check for ripe strawberries every day or two and enjoy the fruits of your labour.