Grow your own taking off in UK

A recent newspaper article has suggested the number of greenhouse and garden enthusiasts cultivating their own food is rising.

Companies such as the Garden Centre Group are recording good sales figures for grow your own equipment such as seeds and coldframes, the Times reported.

According to the article, the firm has reported a 54 per cent increase in apparatus for cultivating fruit and vegetables in the six months to June 30th.

Nicholas Marshall is the company’s chief executive and suggested the popularity has risen at such a rate it could be classed as a "phenomenon".

He told the newspaper: "For the price of a packet of tomatoes, you can buy a plant that will give you ten times that."

Mr Marshall added the activity also provided a fun opportunity to introduce kids to the world of horticulture.

Among the high-profile estates reported to be partaking in food growing are Buckingham Palace and Downing Street.

The news follows reports from the US that recently revealed first lady Michelle Obama has established a kitchen garden at the White House.