Grow your own exhibit in New York

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts in New York could head to a horticultural exhibition this summer.

The New York Botanical Garden is hosting The Edible Garden exhibition from June 19th until October 17th.

Set up to educate visitors about growing and preparing healthy, tasty food, the exhibit will be displayed across the 250-acre site for the duration of the summer and into the autumn.

It will promote the use of locally-grown foods through demonstrations from experts such as Mario Batalia, Rick Bayless, Daisy Martinez, Dan Barber, Sara Moulton and many more.

Gardeners will be able to pick up tips on growing their own food, as well as how to get the best out of it when cooking it.

The exhibition will feature four festival weekends throughout the summer, with visitors being given the chance to learn more about the plants they consume on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, Suburban Journals recently published an article suggesting that Americans grow an autumn or cool season crop of vegetables to save cash.