Grow something special under glass

Cedar greenhouses are a little bit special, and so too should the plants inside them be.

This year, why not try something just a little more adventurous and add a little style to your choices?

Try picking a plant that suits your personality and go for something a little more exotic when growing under glass.

Alpine plants may struggle outside with the UKs changeable and rainy climate, but growing under glass, if cared for correctly, they can illustrate just how rewarding gardening can be.

It is important to keep them dry and at a constant cool temperature over winter, in keeping with their natural Alpine habitat.

Keep them in a well drained, low nutrient soil through the winter and they should be ready for planting outside later in the year.

Showing style in the garden is more about just choosing the right plants though.

A cedar greenhouse can be the ultimate tool in any avid gardeners arsenal.

Cedar is extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing, while giving off a wonderful scent to compliment that of your plants.