Grow Alpine Plants

Alpine plants, as the name might suggest, are native to mountains. Their bright coloured flowers can be found high on mountain slopes where even trees are unable to grow. Many of us choose to grow at least a few alpine plants for our home gardens since they require very little space. Alpines thrive in conditions that other plants would find inhospitable so it is no surprise that they are a popular choice with many gardeners. Naturally resilient alpine plants can prosper with little attention and can be potted in any manner of small household containers and all types of odd pots. Such plants do not tolerate artificial heat, but they need and hansomely repay the protection of a glass roof. Since their natural habitat is open to the mountain breeze they do well in places that have good air circulation and ventilation.

It is all the more easy to grow alpine plants if you have a greenhouse. They are wonderful greenhouse plants. When planning for alpine plants in your greenhouse you must make sure to provide ample ventilation for the plants so the humidity of the air in your greenhouse can be kept as low as possible. If the greenhouse has excellent ventilation, you can try almost all varieties of alpine plants including, gentiana, raoulia, rhodohypoxis, primula, lewisia, etc. The bright colored wild alpine flowers often bloom early in the year and add extra beauty to your greenhouse and garden when other gardens are just waking up. You only need to try growing a few alpines, before you know it you'll be addicted. Many keen growers set up greenhouses just for alpine plants and they form the most beautiful greenhouses. Equally important when growing alpines is to make sure that you provide a soil with a high draining capacity. Generally they require very little soil and can even grow on stone cavities.

Care should be taken to ensure that you do not overwater the alpine plants in your greenhouse during the winter and that the soil remains well drained. You must remember to make sure that your greenhouse has good ventilation. One of the best choices of greenhouse manufacturers for your alpine plants is Gabriel Ash. All their greenhouses come with full length ridge vent which can be operated manually or by wax filled pistons that respond to heat. Gabriel Ash specializes in greenhouses for alpine plants. Their greenhouses can take any number of louvre vents and these are easily fitted retrospectively should you find you have a taste for growing alpines, and believe me you will. Ventialtion at the greenhouse sides and along the full length of ridge makes for good air circulation – perfect for growing alpines. Gabriel Ash’s alpine greenhouses come in a number of sizes to meet your specific requirements.

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