Groups call for action against plant protector ban

The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) and the Crop Protection Association (CPA) have launched a campaign to encourage members of the European parliament to commission a study into the effect of the proposed new EU regulations for plant protection on the garden industry.

The proposed regulations are set to remove around 85 per cent of the active ingredients used in plant protection products and, according to the HTA, could have a huge effect on plant growing in the UK.

The body claims that the move would affect everyone from individual gardeners to garden centre retailers and plant care manufacturers.

"We are calling for an EU-wide impact assessment so that MEPs and EU governments can understand the impact on the garden industry including employment, if it is adopted," it said.

"We do not believe that any decision should be taken by the EU until the full effect of the legislation is understood.

"The potential impact on agriculture and food production has already been highlighted but so far the impact on the gardening industry has not been widely publicised."

The HTA and CPA hope to gain the support of retailers, gardeners and manufacturers around the country and are compelling them to write to MEPs to point out their own views on the legislation.

MEPs are set to decide on the issue on November 5th.