Greenhouses protect your plants from the cold

One of the main advantages of adding a greenhouse to your garden is that you can protect your plants from the cold. During winter, plants that are grown in the garden can become damaged by the colder temperatures or frost. In a greenhouse, plants are provided with shelter and can be kept protected throughout winter.

In order to protect your plants fully, you may need to add accessories to your greenhouse to make it suitable for your plants once the weather grows colder. Here are a few steps that you can take to provide your plants with everything they need in order to thrive in colder weather:

•    Organise a clearout. As summer is a busy time of year for gardeners, your greenhouse will become untidy during this period. Over time, spilled compost, fallen leaves, soil bags and any old pots or tools that are left out will gather in your greenhouse. This will provide a place for pests to hide, which can put any plants that you place in your greenhouse to protect them from the cold at risk.

•    Clean your greenhouse windows. In addition to keeping the interior of your greenhouse tidy, you will also need to make sure that you clean the glass panes. As there is less light once winter approaches, your plants will need as much light as they can get during the day. Keeping your greenhouse windows free from dust, dirt and grime will help to provide your plants with more light during winter.

•    Add insulation. Although a greenhouse can offer some protection from chilly temperatures and frost, you may still need to add some insulation to provide you plants with maximum protection. There are many types of insulation that are suitable for greenhouse. A popular choice is bubble wrap. Bubble wrap will help to keep out droughts and you can easily cut it to fit your greenhouse.

•    Add heating. Adding heating to your greenhouse will help to get rid of frosts. Electric fan heaters are ideal for greenhouses, as they provide good air circulation, which will reduce the risk of problems such as plant disease. There are many types of heaters available, so you can easily find something that is suitable for your greenhouse.

•    Use a cold frame. If you do not have enough space for a greenhouse, then you can consider adding a set of cold frames to your garden. Cold frames are designed to provide plenty of protection from cold temperatures and heavy winds for plants during the winter. Using a cold frame enables you to continue growing your vegetables during the winter season. There are many types of cold frames available, from tall cold frames for those with extra space to smaller designs for those with a smaller garden that need somewhere to store plants for the winter. Cold frames can be used in gardens or added to greenhouses. The many designs available enables you to select a cold frame that compliments your garden or greenhouse perfectly.

Author: Robert Smith

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