Greenhouses increasing in popularity

Greenhouses are becoming more and more popular with gardeners looking to grow their own produce, an expert has suggested.

Nick Morgan, glasshouse specialist at the Royal Horticultural Society, said a greenhouse of any size or type is an "absolute asset" to any gardener, which can add a whole new dimension to what can be achieved.

The specialist went on to reveal he has noticed greenhouses becoming a subject more people want to discuss over the last few months.

"I give many talks each year and ‘making the most of your greenhouse’ is an ever-increasingly popular topic that I am asked to speak about," he explained.

Mr Morgan concluded by remarking he believes this interest in greenhouses is driven by a desire to grow fruit and vegetables at home by UK consumers.

In a recent article for the Daily Telegraph, Helen Yemm said a great activity for the coming week is to complete basic greenhouse chores, such as washing the glass, cleaning pots and trays and buying fresh seed compost.