Greenhouses in the Sky!

Could the solution to the global food crisis be greenhouses built on top of offices, shopping centres and other buildings?

Skyscraper Greenhouses sound futuristic but with the global population heading towards over nine billion by 2050, the WWF has said that if consumption levels remain the same we will need two Earths in order to produce the food needed.

So the only way is up!

The Swedish company, Plantagon, believes that in the future food could be grown in skyscraper sized greenhouses in cities around the world.

According to James Burgess of, Plantagon is already building its first greenhouse in the city of Linköping, about 200km southwest of Stockholm. The 54 metre high cone will cost £19 million and is expected to be completed in 2014. The building will combine offices with the greenhouse, which should make it profitable long before the vegetables are sold.

Plantagon have decided to grow Pak Choi in order to try and encourage Asian investors, and will also look to target the US, who are experiencing a major drought, and Africa.

The crops will be seeded at the top of the tower and move downwards on a spiral that runs through the centre of the building, until after two to three months they arrive at the bottom ready to be harvested.

Author: Robert Smith