Greenhouses, gardens and allotments an educational opportunity

Gardens, greenhouses and allotments can be used to educate children on health issues, it has been claimed.

A spokesperson from the Soil Association suggested teaching youngsters to be proficient at growing fruit and vegetables could encourage them to be more open to eating the proper kind of foods.

"If kids are growing their own, they are more likely to try vegetables and fruits and be excited by it rather than seeing eating greens as a chore," explained Clio Tufton, who added it can be an educational experience.

The spokesperson went on to say the social aspect of horticulture could also give youngsters a boost in their personal development.

Recent figures from insurance firm LV= found 83,000 people are on waiting lists for allotments in the UK, with some areas – such as Camden – having waiting lists of up to four decades.

It found there were around six million people interested in growing their own fruit and veg, with 200,000 plots available throughout the country.