Greenhouse tasks continue into October

The summer may be over, but there are still plenty of things that need doing in the greenhouse.

With the last of the vegetables harvested and temperatures starting to drop, many people will be tempted to give up on their garden and greenhouse until spring arrives next year.

However, the Gardeners World website has issued a call to arms and emphasised there are still many jobs to be done before horticulturalists can relax in front of their fires.

Chief among them is the clearing of leaves from greenhouse gutters to ensure rainfall is still collected in water tubs, while the greenhouse itself needs to be ridded of any remaining summer shade.

Old crops and grow bags can be placed on the compost heap, and the greenhouse should be insulated with bubble wrap.

Finally, potted plants prone to frost should be afforded the greenhouses protection, green tomatoes can be ripened under cover and the first of the hardy winter lettuce crop planted.

The next episode of Gardeners World is screened this Friday (October 9th) at 20:30 BST on BBC2.