Greenhouse-style fruit and veg to hit supermarkets

While fruit and veg grown in the greenhouse and garden may look slightly odd compared to that bought at the supermarket, it is often at least, if not more, nutritious and tasty.

But the recent news that the EU has voted in favour of the European Commissions proposal to remove marketing standards concerning the size and shape of 26 different types of fruit and veg could see the UKs supermarkets flooded with food that looks similar to that grown by gardeners across the land.

The National Farmers Union has backed the move, saying that it is good news for farmers, retailers and consumers – but it may also remind gardeners that they can save money by growing their own fruit and veg in their garden and greenhouse.

"From the consumers perspective and from [farmers] perspective, if retailers are willing to take the crops and pay for that, then this is going to be good news," said NFU chief horticultural advisor Philip Hudson.

"If it encourages more people to eat more fruit and vegetables, then that is also good news."

As bendy cucumbers return to Britains shelves, gardeners should remember that a greenhouse offers a great opportunity to feed the family at a low cost, while making sure they get their recommended five pieces of fruit and veg.