Greenhouse owners should prune fruit trees now

Garden and greenhouse fans should look to trim their apple and pear trees during February and March, it has been suggested.

Pruning is a great way to encourage new growth and will also help relieve boredom among gardeners who have felt unable to carry out much work during the cold winter months, the Greene County Daily Mail explained.

The dormancy of the trees means that wounds will begin to heal as soon as growth begins in the spring.

Removing dead wood, training the tree to the proper form and correcting structural defects are just some of the reasons to prune a fruit tree, the newspaper added.

With the proper care, an apple tree can remain productive for half a century and pruning can allow more sunlight to get to the all-important interior of the tree, stimulating growth further.

Growers in New York state are able to grow both pome and stone fruit trees, with the former usually pruned in February and the latter usually trimmed after flowering.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvanias has suggested that garden and greenhouse fans get along to one of the states horticulture shows, where they are sure to find inspiration.