Greenhouse owners need to prune tomato plants

Greenhouse owners have been advised that growing points on tomato plants should be removed to ensure tomatoes continue to ripen until the first frost.

According to Colin Evan, who offered his top tomato tips on the BBC website, the top trusses on a tomato plant are unlikely to yield harvestable fruit at this stage – and as such there is little point in keeping them on the plant.

Indeed, Mr Evan believes that the number of fruit trusses on an individual tomato plant should be limited to a maximum of five to ensure that fruits ripen.

He also recommends that yellow foliage is removed, especially if it is covering fruit, as this will help with the ripening process.

One thing that shouldnt be cut off, though, is the watering programme – plants will still need moisture, as well as a feed from time to time.

Meanwhile, Mr Evans also noted that it is a good time of year to take hedge cuttings.

Stems of around 20 cm long should be sought, stripped of foliage from half way down, dipped in rooting hormone, planted in compost and kept in moist compost until next spring when they should be ready for planting.