Greenhouse owners can save cash with fresh food

Garden and greenhouse owners looking to save money on food should always cook from scratch, it has been claimed.

According to Woman & Home magazine food editor Jane Curran, this is the best way to ensure the family is well nourished on a budget.

Brits growing their own fruit and vegetables may already realise they can save cash in this way, but Ms Curran suggested that even when shopping for food, it is best to go for the fresh options, rather than pre-prepared offerings.

"Ready-meals cost a fortune comparatively," she said. "Be more adventurous with your cooking and try to eat vegetarian meals four times a week."

The expert pointed out that meat can be expensive and advised Brits to keep such dishes for a Sunday roast.

Her comments follow the release of Office for National Statistics data showing a fall in household expenditure on food and drink.

According to the figures, the total spent in the second quarter of this year was £16.3 billion, compared to £17.1 billion a year ago.