Greenhouse-loving gardeners can spend more time there – thanks to mulch

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Those gardeners who just love spending time in their greenhouse can spend longer growing under glass by mulching their garden, it has emerged.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, if weeds are dug out before applying a mulch, they will be less likely to return thanks to the protection the mulch gives.

The advice comes at a time when the Times has been extolling the multi-faceted virtues of mulching.

According to the newspaper, mulch can protect soil from wind erosion and roots from frost damage.

It also says that mulching can tidy up gardens by making pots and borders appear neater and even goes as far as saying it can make a "truly poetic contribution" to a garden.

A great way to get your hands on a cheap mulch that will also enrich the soil is to use home-made compost.

Other materials used for a mulch can be tumbled grass, slate or gravel and even crushed shells and shredded bark.

One thing that is for sure is that less weeding means doing more of what you enjoy so mulch away.