Greenhouse inspires play

Has a childhood experience ever provided you with the inspiration to create something arty in adulthood?

That was the case for Jordan Tannahill from Toronto who had played in an abandoned greenhouse as a teenager and used the setting  to write a play.  As he returned to the original site to shoot film for the project, he found the structure being razed to the ground.

He did not let this stop him and a cast of ten teenagers recently starred in the play based on historical local legends.  The story focused on a series of mysterious events after a party in the abandoned greenhouse.  The play is laced with secrecy and intrigue and the writer calls it a ‘theatrical film’.

Gabriel Ash believes that greenhouses can be great sources of inspiration for much more than the growing of flowers, fruit and vegetables, particularly as the quality wooden frames evoke the senses – often something that causes us to recollect things from the past once experienced again.’s%20on/article/1533768–former-thornhill-greenhouse-inspires-toronto-play