Greenhouse Heaters

In the winter it is important that you keep your greenhouse warm due to the cold weather.
In the summer time your greenhouse has plenty of opportunity to absorb and retain heat from direct sunlight, however in the winter with shorter days and colder temperatures insulating the greenhouse from the cold is extremely important. To combat this problem many gardeners and growers alike opt for a greenhouse heater.

The cost of running your greenhouse in winter is an important factor to consider when choosing your greenhouse heater. Even if you only use your greenhouse as a hobby, the rising cost of heating the greenhouse could make or break your hobby.

Types of heaters

Electricity is a good source of clean and controllable heating. Gabriel Ash stock a wide selection of quality electric greenhouse heaters. Most have thermostats that include a frost-watch facility for extra protection during unexpected temperature drops. Electric fan heaters are also a simple and easy way to heat small greenhouses as they generate constant warm air whilst remaining efficient. This is great in reducing damp and disease in your greenhouse.

If you have individual seed trays to warm up, you can use soil warming cables to heat your greenhouse together with warming pads a few inches under the surface.

Bottled gas heaters and portable paraffin heaters are another viable option for heating your greenhouse during the winter months. These can be cost effective in small greenhouses, however paraffin heaters have fallen out of favour with growers thinking more about green issues and environmental considerations. Safety is also important to bear in mind with paraffin heaters in case one of these heaters is accidentally knocked over.

Thermostatically controlled greenhouse designs are available from Gabriel Ash that allow you to keep your greenhouse frost-free and at a constant temperature. This will not only keep disease from your greenhouse but will aid the efficient growth of plants.

It has become easy to heat modern greenhouses with push button greenhouse heating and as long as these heaters are kept safe and have adequate air movement, your greenhouse heating should remain cost effective and safe. Gabriel Ash are here to give you the best choice of quality greenhouse heaters.

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