Greenhouse Heater Fit for Winter?

The experts at Gardeners World are recommending that you check your greenhouse heater is in working order now, and that you have fuel in stock.

Good advice with the unpredictable nature of British weather these days.

Whether you are growing winter vegetables in your greenhouse or protecting tender young plants over the frosty months, if you can heat your greenhouse efficiently, then you won’t need to worry too much about wasting energy or money. 

We’re still waiting to hear about developments in sustainable heat sources for greenhouses.  In the meantime, if you have power then an electric fan heater is a popular choice or a paraffin heater for those without.

You may think of bubble wrap as protecting your Christmas presents in the post, but it can also provide insulation for the greenhouse, whilst horticultural fleece will keep the plants warm and cosy.

Positioning of the heater and using a thermostat at the right temperature are also important considerations.  Just 2oC or 36oF will keep the frost away, tender and young plants need 7oC or 45oF and delicate plants and conservatory plants need 13oC or 55oF.

Ventilation is still necessary in winter when using a heater, to avoid humidity.

Fortunately, Gabriel Ash greenhouses have a unique venting system running along the roof that is highly adjustable to the climate outside and the requirements of the plants inside.

And if you don’t need the whole greenhouse heating, use a heated propagator or make ‘rooms’ out of bubble wrap for the plants that need to keep warm.