Greenhouse for plants – What’s the best

After giving consideration to the space that you have available for a greenhouse, the next step in becoming a successful gardener is finding the best greenhouse for your plants. With Gabriel Ash greenhouses, if you have a decent area to work with, we recommend a medium sized greenhouse. We also have small and miniature greenhouses for those with smaller yards.

Depending on your choice of greenhouse plants, you then have a myriad of options on the material to construct your greenhouse. The frame used will also depend on the financing that you have available.

Aluminum is a high quality material that can withstand a great deal of weather without rusting. It can last many years and is popular because the frames can be combined with a variety of different covers including glass, polycarbonate and plastic.

High quality woods like Cedar from Gabriel Ash are ideal for those looking for aesthetically pleasing greenhouses. It is naturally insulating and ideal for those in drier climates. The use of wood will require a lot of attention in order to prevent it from possible rotting.

Plastic or PVC greenhouse frames are simple to assemble and inexpensive. They are easy to assemble and move to another location. This however makes them susceptible to high winds or bad weather.

Once you have decided on the greenhouse frame for your plants, the next thing is to decide on the material to cover the frame with. You have a choice between glass, plastic and polycarbonate.

Glass is ideal for greenhouse plants. However, it is rather expensive and may limit those with a tight budget. Plastic is sturdy and versatile but visibility is limited and you might need extra lighting. Polycarbonate is inexpensive and offers clarity unlike plastic. However, they require to be replaced regularly as they are not study.

Take the time to make a decision on the best greenhouse for your plants. Gabriel Ash greenhouses will make your choice easier.

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