Greenhouse enthusiasts given new topics on website

Brits who enjoy growing things in their garden and greenhouse may be interested in the latest news from

Launched in March, the web space has built a following through its hints and tips, as well as the online message board.

The horticulture website has revealed a number of new topics for enthusiasts to read through.

In addition to the blog and online community for those with a common interest, the resource will now offer advice on container gardening in winter.

The site now has information on which varieties fare best in winter, with specific emphasis on those grown in containers.

Another new addition will be the data on butterfly gardens, including which plants to choose if you wish to attract the winged creatures to your green space or glasshouse.

The third new section contains hints on identifying garden pests, pointing out how to spot the differences between mealybugs and aphids.

Meanwhile, gardeners across the country were urged to share their knowledge over the weekend (September 5th and 6th) as part of the Royal Horticultural Societys Dig Together Days.