Greenhouse enthusiasts given advice on water use

Garden and greenhouse enthusiasts should think about which plants may require attention with a hose or watering can, even during periods of sustained or heavy rain, it has been suggested.

According to the Examiner, containers can sometimes be tucked away in positions where precipitation finds it difficult to reach – such as in a porch or in the shelter of a garage or tree.

It quotes Helena Rutherfords Ely – author of A Womans Hardy Garden – who claimed hydrating your green space can need "as much judgment as the seasoning of soup".

The article advised gardeners to keep an eye on plants and provide them with extra H2O if necessary.

It also suggested keeping a watering can close to the kitchen sink in order to catch water that would otherwise go down the plughole.

The author said whenever running the hot tap to heat up, the container could catch the wastewater and allow the gardener to use it later outside or in the greenhouse.