Greenhouse designs

There are many types of greenhouses available to suit all needs and budgets. Gabriel Ash offers a wide selection of greenhouses, from attractive traditional freestanding designs to impressive grand glasshouses, allowing you to find a structure that suits your needs and compliments your garden perfectly. Exploring the many designs available will increase your chances of finding a greenhouse that is right for you.

If you have plenty of garden space, then there are a wide variety of larger designs to choose from. Selecting a greenhouse that offers plenty of space will enable you to grow a wide selection of beautiful plants and will also help you to improve the look of your garden. Opting for larger designs such as glasshouses will also give you the freedom of transforming your greenhouse into a conservatory, where you can relax and enjoy the benefits of growing your own plants.

If you have limited garden space but wish to grow a selection of plants, then there are many smaller designs that are sure to be suitable. Lean to greenhouses are a great choice for smaller gardens and provide plenty of convenience as well as an attractive structure for your garden. Vinehouses and small, freestanding designs are also ideal for those with limited garden space and offer just enough space to grow a variety of your favourite plants.  

Those looking for something unique, attractive and affordable that offers plenty of convenience may wish to opt for a shed-greenhouse. Shed-greenhouses are perfect for those who do not have enough garden space to accommodate both a shed and a greenhouse. The two are combined, providing plenty of space for growing a selection of plants as well as just enough storage space for a variety of garden tools and other items.  

If you wish to create your dream greenhouse then a bespoke greenhouse is the perfect choice. A bespoke greenhouse will not only provide you with a structure that suits your needs but also one that will fit your garden perfectly. Creating a greenhouse that is based on your own personal designs and specifications will provide you with everything you need to successfully grow a selection of plants and will help you to achieve your ideal look for your garden. To get an idea of how your finished greenhouse may look, you may wish to explore existing bespoke designs.

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