Greenhouse and gardeners with pets receive landscaping tips

An Oregon newspaper has given garden and greenhouse enthusiasts with pets some tips for landscaping their outdoor space.

It examined the case of Melinda Frey, who designed her garden with her large coonhound dog in mind.

The professional designer allows her pet to roam free in her half-acre after she made it pooch-friendly, according to the Oregonian.

She told the newspaper those with animals are best to create a free-flowing garden, which means any damage caused by the critters will not stand out so much.

"Understand your pets individual breed characteristics and traits," the expert suggested.

"Virtually all dogs like to run the fence – so to speak – and guard their territory."

As such, growers should line boundary markers with paths to ensure the canine does not create his own trail of mud.

Dogs also like to see through fences, so Ms Frey explained putting "windows" in it can be a good idea to allow the pet to keep an eye on passers by.

Aside from looking to protect the garden from the dog, it is also important to safeguard the pooch by keeping toxic plants out of reach, the article concluded.

Meanwhile, those looking to sell their home have been given some tips in the Explorer about how to boost "curb appeal" through garden landscaping.