Greenhouse alternatives – The Gabriel Ash Cedar Potting Shed

The Gabriel Ash cedar potting shed is a great addition to any home. It’s large enough to store all of your garden tools and its innovative front porch is the perfect place to showcase off all of your beautiful flowers.

There are two main parts to the Gabriel Ash cedar potting shed. Many people utilize one side of the shed as a means to store all of their much needed gardening equipment. This particular side of the shed is closed off, so no one can actually see what you have inside of it.

It would be your prerogative if you utilize this part of the shed to store extra things in as well, such as for extra storage or things of that nature. The front of the shed is the part that is primarily utilized to showcase all of your luxurious plants and vegetables.

The shed is aligned with an aluminum roof that covers the storage side, which is completely closed off from view, unless you permit it to be seen. The front of the Gabriel Ash cedar potting shed has a translucent roof, so the outside light sources such as the sun can shine into the shed to allow your plants the opportunity that they need to flourish.

However, you can choose to utilize the back part of the cedar potting shed for growing plants that do not require sunlight as well. Therefore, the Gabriel Ash cedar potting shed is extremely versatile to your needs.

The shed consistently gives off the fresh scent of newly cut cedar trees. The aromas of the shed are enough to allow avid gardeners a great place to enjoy and be alone with their beautiful plants. A Gabriel Ash cedar potting shed can actually contribute to adding a lot more decadence and elegance to your already extravagant home.

You can decide on the dimensions, or the particular size that you prefer the shed to be. Gabriel Ash has a means to make the shed to your specific specifications, regardless of how big or small you wish the shed to appear as.

The aluminum roofing on the enclosed part of the shed, as well as the translucent roof on the open part of the shed allows you the opportunity to protect your beautiful plants from harsh weather conditions. You are even given the opportunity to grow different plants outside of their growing season, because you inadvertently control the internal temperature of your Gabriel Ash potting shed.

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