Greenhouse advice

Gardeners considering investing in a greenhouse may wish to get down to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew for its Tropical Extravaganza event.

The Princess of Wales Conservatory will be decked out in a plethora of beautiful orchids and other tropical flowers for the next month and gardeners will have no shortage of inspirational examples of greenhouse gardening to feast their eyes on.

The event marks Kews 250th anniversary and gardeners will be able to get a behind-the-scenes peek on one of the gardens tropical nursery tours.

An article on recently advised those thinking about buying a greenhouse to go for a bigger one than they think they will need.

"No matter how big your greenhouse is you will wish you had got a bigger one," wrote James Ashford.

"Even the folks at Kew Gardens must wish they had got the next size up. This is because as you get used to growing things under glass you will find more and more stuff that will thrive and flourish in the extra warmth and humidity.

"The greenhouse that you thought you would never be able to fill will rapidly become too small."