Greenhouse Accessories

Hooray! Spring is just about sprung and it's time to add some comforts to the Greenhouse. If you're like us here at Gabriel Ash, we like to have easy to use gardening stations for both pots and potting. I even like to have a place for my cup of tea in the afternoons. Spending time in the greenhouse also lets my creative planting ideas escape and become a reality.

The new accessories available for the greenhouse from the Gabriel Ash range include greenhouse blinds. Plants will certainly love being shielded from the hot afternoon sun and the lovely green colour suggests an even more pleasant feeling all around. These blinds operate on a spring, making it possible for you to control the temperature any time.

In the far corner away from the door of my Gabriel Ash greenhouse is a potting nook that needs a new shelf or two and I might be adding a few Autovents. Having the ability to let hot air escape in the mid-afternoon lets the plants have a breather too! Some plants in pots that love the shade can be set out of the greenhouse and immediately placed back inside when the sun sets. We recommend that you use the Autovents away from staging and shelving. The suggested fully opened Autovent is to provide twelve inches of open space, allowing for a nice breeze to pass through the greenhouse.

Purchasing greenhouse accessories online here at Gabriel Ash has never been easier. Why spend hours driving to and from garden centres when you can order your greenhouse accessories from the comfort of your own home and benefit from FREE home delivery
Adding a little colour to your watering can, can be the whimsy you need to put in a new alum bed or begin a new pot with vegetables.

Cedar Seed trays are a must greenhouse accessory. If you are an avid gardener or just beginning, keeping track of your seeds is a wise idea. I like for my seeds to be ready to be planted. I line my seed trays with clear plastic wrap to keep the smaller seeds from falling out of the crevices. If you want to, you can use cheesecloth as well. The cheesecloth will give your trays a rustic look and help keep the seedlings in one place!

Whatever types of greenhouse accessories that you require here at Gabriel Ash we have an extensive range at competitive prices. Complete your greenhouse and enjoy growing success for many years to come with our quality greenhouse accessories.

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