Green spaces

Horticultural endeavours of any variety can have a positive impact on their surroundings, it has been asserted.

David Shreeve, director and co-founder of the Conservative Foundation, makes his comments as the organisation launches a search for Londons 50 unsung heroes of gardening.

People who have made Britains capital a brighter and healthier place to live will be recognised in the contest, in which any green space that can be seen by more than just its owner is eligible to win.

"From cleverly-planted window boxes, pots and rooftop gardens to urban spaces, community gardens, public buildings and whole streets, any green space can make a positive difference to the plant, bird, insect and animal life which thrives and survives here," Mr Shreeve tells the News Shopper.

In related news, Dr Irene Plonczak, from Hofstra University, recently stated that people with no garden space can make use of boxes filled with earth to brighten up urban spaces such as balconies or rooftops.