Green is the new black in gardening

This years gardening trend is going green, and not just from an ecological perspective, according to The Times.

Times writer Joe Swift suggests that keen gardeners opt for green coloured plants to give "substance and depth" to a "well-designed, mature space".

"If you want longevity in a garden, you cant go wrong with plenty of green," he wrote.

"What was particularly interesting about Chelsea this year was the predominance of this colour throughout.

"Perhaps the current associations of green with eco-friendliness and sustain-ability is behind it and, boy, we gardeners are certainly conscious of our responsibilities these days."

You may want to try growing one or two of Mr Swifts five favourite green plants in your greenhouse.

He suggests Paris polyphylla, Zantedeschia aethiopica, Helleborus argutifius, Alchemilla mollis and Mathiasella bupleuroides.

Those keen to transform their garden to match their home may wish to invest in a bespoke glasshouse or greenhouse to match their main building in terms of style.