Green initiatives may lead to kitchen revolution

Further innovation in the design of kitchen appliances could be stimulated if plans to encourage consumers to buy more eco-friendly items are followed through, it has been claimed.

A British Retail Consortium (BRC) spokesman called for the government to encourage people to buy green products in order to give the market a boost.

Those kitting out their new kitchen extension could influence manufacturers by proving energy-efficient designs are popular, press officer Krishan Rama suggested.

He explained: "To get the A rating, manufacturers will further develop their technology and theyll try and compete for that energy-saving recommended performance."

The comments follow a recent Mintel report showing green technology to be one of the more important points to manufacturers, who are striving to offer more eco-friendly products than their rivals.

Homeowners who are decorating a new kitchen extension may find choosing green appliances helps save cash on energy, as well as protecting the environment.