Green family get into hot water over chickens

A local council has been accused of hypocrisy after threatening to evict a young family which has taken encouragement to go green on board.

Matthew Everitt and Michelle Hodgetts, who live with their two children in Rugby, have built a 60 by 35 foot enclosure to keep their 25 chickens, which provide eggs and cut waste by eating food scraps.

But Rugby Borough Council is threatening to evict the family as it does not class the birds as pets.

Ms Hodgetts told the Metro that the move "smacks of hypocrisy and goes against everything being promoted as green".

"As the cost of living seems to increase every day, we are trying to keep costs down by keeping chickens and growing our own fruit and vegetables. However, it seems our council doesn’t share the same view," she said in the Daily Express.

The move comes as Rugby Borough Council discusses how to make the area greener.

Those wanting to boost their green credentials can grow their own fruit and vegetables in a greenhouse to save money on buying healthy organic produce.