Green design inquiry begins

A parliamentary inquiry into retrofitting commercial structures with environmentally-friendly technology will begin today.

Edifices such as offices, warehouses and shops will be considered in the move – which could see new structures such as conservatories and skylights added to existing constructions.

The All Party Urban Development Group will hold talks with a range of environmental experts and figures from the property sector on how to reduce that commercial developments have on the environment.

Hilary Reid Evans, head of sustainability initiatives at Quintain Estates and Development, is to be involved in the scheme and commented: "We need some innovative and joined-up thinking to ensure we meet this challenge, including a fresh look at capital allowances, fiscal incentives and the planning regime.

"[Today’s] inquiry provides us with the opportunity to start this process."

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that the Prince of Wales is due to oversee regeneration work on Londons Chinatown to make it more authentically Chinese.